Calibration of new surfaces

always the right measurement results with our NG confirmation standard


Calibration of new surfaces

Our sensors are delivered calibrated and leave our factory with a certificate.
During a preliminary meeting or at the latest when ordering a hand-held device, an inline sensor or a complete inline system, we will discuss the measurement task with you and calibrate the sensors to suit you in our calibration laboratory.
The NG handheld device is ready for immediate use; the NGO inline measuring head only needs to be mounted in its intended position.
Replacing an inline measuring head is done according to the plug & play principle.
When replacing an inline sensor, only assembly work must be carried out, plus fixing both electrical cables. The pre-calibrated sensor is available immediately after installation.
Even after replacing the lamp, which the customer can carry out with the NGO3 themselves, the device calibrates itself and is available calibrated after it is switched on again.

The NG confirmation standard

In times of measuring equipment monitoring, it is necessary to check the oil layer thickness sensors at short intervals and as required.

The NG confirmation standard enables you to check your NG2 oil layer thickness sensor for its proper function at freely selectable intervals at your own laboratory.

Three different long-term stable samples are located under a largely indestructible sapphire window. In order to carry out the check, the sensor is placed on the markings of the NG confirmation standard provided for this purpose and a measurement is started using the trigger button (NG2). The measured values ​​shown in the sensor display must match the requirements of the
NG confirmation standard. This enables you to check the functionality of the sensor at any time.

The NG confirmation standard should be checked at regular intervals (recommendation 24 months) in our laboratory for its long-term stability.

A calibration certificate is of course included in the scope of delivery.

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